About Us

Abroad Pathway Immigration Consultant is one of the preeminent and most genuine immigration companies across India, which is incorporated in Delhi offering expert Immigration.

Looking for Canadian or Australian Immigration Advice from a Licensed Immigration Agency?

Go Ahead with the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi NCR for PR Visa. Get a free pre-consultation now by filling the query form. Our immigration consultants will contact you within 8-12 hours. Based on discussions with you, we will let you know:

  • All your visa & immigration options.
  • What are the broad criteria to be eligible for Canadian/Australian PR.
  • What are your chances of being qualified by the respective authorities.
  • What are the broad timelines for immigration to Canada or Australia.
  • How Abroad Pathways can facilitate Immigration & PR Visa for Canada or Australia.

Multitudes of Immigration Companies in Delhi NCR, How do we Stand Apart?

It’s always ‘Customer First’ when it comes to our approach. Our team consists of experienced industry professionals that have specialization in dealing with immigration to popular countries like Canada and Australia. This allows us to deliver a highly personalized and professional immigration experience to our clients and help them live their dream of studying or working abroad. A happy and satisfied client base of professionals and students vouchers for our immigration services and support.

Top Reasons Abroad Pathway is Different from Other Immigration Consultants in Delhi NCR:

  1. Best-in-class Services: Our service standards are comparable to the top immigration consultancies globally. We pay keen attention to detail and offer top client care and high success rate.
  2. Complete Transparency and Flawless Execution: Unlike other immigration consultants, we believe in keeping the immigration application process transparent to help you be aware at every step w.r.t your details and application status.
  3. Flawless Execution of the Process: We make sure that your Immigration application consultation, documentation, and application submission is done by experts.
  4. Post-Visa Support: We have a policy of thorough post-visa support. Unlike our counterparts, we do not, at any cost, abandon you during or after your visa application. We extend support till you settle down at your desired destination.
  5. Employment Support: As a new country and a foreign land may pose doubts and issues in your mind when it comes to finding work, we extend advisory support to help you find your career options.
  6. Support with IELTS Registration: We extend support to help you register online for IELTS under British Council & IDP.
  7. Support in IELTS Preparation: We also offer support by providing coaching, tips, and tricks for IELTS to help you score the desired points.


We are a professional firm that specializes in all aspects of immigration. As your immigration consultants, we offer impeccable immigration solutions to help you attain your work, study or immigration visa to a country of your choice. Our approach for Immigration to Canada or Australia is highly personalized and professional. Here’s how we do it:

    1. Free Pre-Consultation:
      We have a word with you on call or in-person, as per your convenience, and answer your queries as well as work out your eligibility for applying for immigration to Canada or Australia. We make you understand the process and share your options with you.
    1. Detailed Discussions and Assessment
      Here, we get into the details that matter, assess your qualifications, medical history, and other eligibility criteria. This is to be sure that you are not disqualified from applying for immigration to Canada or Australia due to any factors. Once we confirm your eligibility, we deliver you an affordable and efficient plan for migration to your destination.
    1. Make a Set of your Application
      Once we have all the requisite documents and details from you, we compile them in the format required for your Immigration application to Canada or Australia or Canadian/Australian PR visa application.
  1. Immigration Application Submission
    Once we re-verify all documents and details of the application, we, being licensed immigration consultants, submit your Immigration application and keep a keen eye on it and keep you updated with its progress and the next steps.

Why Choose Us? Abroad Pathways Offers Its Best and Leaves the Decision Up to You:
The mantra of achieving 100% visa and immigration success rate lies in the transparency and trust in the relationship between you and your Immigration Consultants. As a highly trusted and recommended Immigration advisor in the industry, we welcome client reviews and feedback and are motivated by the same to even better our services, and to work towards building great recommendations from you by offering you best-in-class immigration services, and post-visa support.

What we do to keep appreciation coming from successful immigrants:

  • Rigorous Follow-up:
    We follow up regularly with you to keep your application process on track and share our concern for the same, to be able to make an error-free application for immigration to Canada or Australia.
  • Be Good Listeners and Better Advisors:
    We are always present to listen to you and resolve your queries and doubts as well as offer expert advice.
  • We Keep you Posted at All Times:
    We make sure to keep you well-informed on all editions, changes, and updates in your application to help you be on top of your application.
  • Practice Honesty:
    We are driven by the motivation of being honest in all our offers and practices to be able to conduct all processes with complete pride and confidence.
  • Empathetic Approach:
    We are empathetic towards you and understand your challenges as well as aspirations. We offer the best of our services in return of your trust and faith in our ability.
  • Fast Response:
    We share all updates on real-time basis with you along with any developments that need attention or immediate action.
  • Affordable Immigration Services:
    As we keep you first, our services and work speak for itself. We deliver client satisfaction in a cost-effective mechanism. Our clients pay us not only our fees but also recommendations and respect.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable aspiring immigrants to take decisions regarding Permanent Residence to a new nation, help them relocate to their preferred foreign destination in a stress-free, easy, cost-effective and swift manner, with the assurance that they will not be abandoned by us any time before they get their PR Visas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be immigration consultancy industry leaders by offering best-in-class immigration and PR visa services. Our team of experienced consultants offers personalized PR and immigration services, enabling betterment of the company and clients. Client recommendations offer the highest levels of motivation to us, and we direct our efforts towards the same.

Immigration on the mind, not sure where to start? Contact us for Customizable and Personal Immigration Solutions

We understand the market factors and know how to use them in your favor. Also, every applicant brings with him/ her special conditions. We thus offer highly personalized Immigration consultancy and solutions to help you achieve your aim of studying, working and settling in a country of your choice. We aim to keep this entire process hassle-free, affordable and quick to ensure complete client satisfaction and elicit positive recommendations from you. Happy Immigration to you!