Apply for Australia PR visa (New)

How to apply Australia PR from India?

Australia, The Kangaroo Country Is Seeing An Extraordinary Growth In The Number Of Immigrants From Throughout The World Approaching The Country Each Year Because Of The Nice And Sunny Weather, Welcoming People, Tremendous Job Opportunities And Laissez-Faire Lifestyle. Amongst all other countries India Tops the Charts of applicants looking for relocation because of the ambitious and competitive attitude of Indians.

It is a gifted land fulfilling the dreams of many Indians longing for best quality lifestyle bestowing them with long term benefits enjoyed only by citizens and permanent residents. Following are the some major benefits offered by the country to its Permanent residents:

  • Right to Live in Australia for an indefinite term
  • Freedom to Work
  • Freedom to Travel
  • Unlimited Freedom To Pursue Higher Education
  • Eligibility to Apply for an Australian Citizenship
  • Australian-Born Children
  • Privilege to Sponsor
  • Healthcare Entitlement & Social Welfare Benefits
  • First Home Owner Grant
  • Credit Rating

Acquiring an Australian PR is just as easy as a cakewalk but following the correct policies and procedures, and for accurate knowledge and constant updates you need to hire a genuine and expert Immigration service provider to represent your application in Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Australia. The effortlessly comprehensible point system well designed for aspiring applicants along with the various sub categories offered by Australian government for professionals from diverse backgrounds meeting the requirements and eligibility criteria set forth should take help from experienced professionals to know the probability of visa approval. Now let us take a quick tour to the various sub-categories:

  • Skilled Independent (Subclass 189 Visa): Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa is for aspirants who are eligible to work independently anywhere in the country without any restriction. They do not require any job offer, state nomination or regional sponsorship to be able to apply under this category. Read More…
  • State Nominated (Subclass 190 Visa): State Nominated (Subclass 190) visa as suggested by the name is for applicants who are eligible to work in a particular state for at least 2 years before moving anywhere else in the country. An Australian state or territory nominates these candidates according to their points and profession granting them extra 10 points towards their score according to the federal skilled point calculator. Read More…
  • Skilled Regional Provisional (Subclass 489 )Visa: The Skilled Regional Provisional (Subclass 489) visa is for applicants in capable of finding a place in subclass 189 and subclass 190. This is a 4-year provisional visa granted to a candidate for a region in Australia to be able to apply for Permanent Residence. This is a positive ray of hope for candidates dreaming to start a new life in Australia but is incapable to find a place through the direct PR programs. If you hold this visa and live for at least two years and work for at least one year in a specified region. Read More…

Being the top Immigration Consultants in Delhi we have documentation experts for Australia ready to help you through your process with patience and perfection. The best sub categories for Indians to apply Australia PR is Subclass 189 as it takes only 6 months to process the complete application stepwise.

Basic Documents required by Indians to apply Australia PR

  • Passport (Bio pages and visa pages)
  • Education Documents
  • Work Experience Documents
  • Language certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate

Common steps to be followed for all the sub-categories applied by Indians

  • Take an eligibility check by experts
  • Score minimum 65 points out of 100 in the point assessment grid
  • Check your profession in STSOL or MSSTL… Click Here
  • Prepare all documents as per the Australian format
  • Get your skills assessment done from the relevant Authority as per your profession… Talk to our experts to know the applicable assessment authority
  • Get perfect scores in IELTS/PTE/TOEFL with expert coaching
  • Submit Expression of Interest (EOI) with the help of our experts
  • Receive an ITA for open PR, state nominated PR or Regional sponsored PR
  • Get a medical clearance and police clearance certificate
  • Visa Approval

Processing Time of Australia PR if you apply from India

Processing time varies from application to application on the basis of profession chosen, sub category chosen and type of application but still according to our experience and applications processed by us we would give you an approximate time for each sub category individually:

  • Subclass 189: 6 – 7 months approximately
  • Subclass 190: 7– 8 months approximately
  • Subclass 489: 12 months approximately

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