- Permanent residency vs work permit of australia

Permanent Residency Vs Work Permit Of Australia

A strong economy, scenic landscaping teamed up with high standard of living, balanced lifestyle makes Australia the apparent choice for aspirant migrants. Throughout the world, a ‘Work Permit’ is a term that explains the visa that allows you to live and work in a specific country with certain conditions unlike Permanent Residency which allows you to live, work study without any constraint.

Australia, the kangaroo country is very possessive for their locals including the citizens and the permanent residents. They give precedence to the people with PR status in terms of living, comforts and job opportunities than people with work permit.

Work visa is correspondent to Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 has been in the news recently due to complete refurbishment of the program in 2017. It has now been obliterated and substituted with the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, which will be effective from March 2018. Observing this visa type with extra scrutiny has made these visas very knotty to get.

For Australian company to sponsor a person for work permit there is a high requirement, they need to first prove that they are training Australian residents to fill those jobs first. There is a monetary value attached to this, with X% of payroll needing to be spent on local training in the last 12 months.

For being an employer sponsor there are many conditions, onuses and ongoing fees involved.

Australian government continues to scrutinize the temporary work visa stream which will probably make getting work visa harder not easier, the complete changes will be announced soon.

Let us appraise the aids of becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia.

  • Right to Live in Australia Indefinitely: A permanent visa entitles you to travel in and out of the country.
  • Freedom to Work: Permanent residents can work for any employer in any occupation. But, working in the Public Service or Armed forces is strictly restricted to the Australian Citizens.
  • Freedom to Travel: Once you become an Australian Permanent Resident, you will have the freedom to travel in and out of Australia for the duration of your visa which is normally five years. If your visa expires, you will still be eligible to stay in the country but will not be able to leave Australia without a Resident Return Visa. You are also permitted to freely enter and leave New Zealand.
  • Unlimited Freedom To Pursue Higher Education: Australian Permanent Resident can study unrestricted in any university and college
  • Eligibility to Apply for an Australian Citizenship: This visa is for five years, after 3 years of completion of your stay you are eligible to apply for citizenship.
  • Australian-Born Children: Children of permanent residents who are born in Australia are deemed Australian citizens by birth.
  • Privilege to Sponsor: Permanent residents can also sponsor their relatives for acquisition of permanent residence.
  • Healthcare Entitlement & Social Welfare Benefits: You are eligible for Medicare which is a comprehensive coverage which covers all the possible aspects of healthcare possible. You will also qualify for cheaper health insurance.
  • First Home Owner Grant: For the purchase of a first home, an Australian Permanent citizen will receive a $7,000 incentive and waiver of stamp duty.
  • Credit Rating: Once you become Australian Permanent Resident, your credit rating immediately goes up. You will be in a better position for approval of home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards and so on.

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