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Visa Assessment Form

Canada PR through Express Entry Program is a point based migration process based on the proficiencyand personal information of an applicant based on six factors; Age, Experience, Qualification, Languageability, Adaptability and job offer. Points are allocated for each factor individually which gets calculatedfurther to match up the Comprehensive Ranking system cut off set forth for all applicants in the ExpressEntry Pool. The score varies for each applicant as per their credentials.

Before applying under any of the programs offered by IRCC Canada, we would suggest you to talk to theimmigration experts of our company to know the best suited option available for you. This assessmentwould help you gain confidence in our company and in your capability of becoming a PermanentResident of Canada.

Canada plans to invite 340000 skilled professionals by 2020 under its 2018-2020 plans. With increasing employment growth in a decade, Canada has vast opportunities for skilled professionals from across the globe. Aspiring applicants with less Ielts score can now apply for Provincial Nominee Program for preferred province.

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500+ Occupation in Demand

Nurse & General Physicians 89,000 PA
Electronics Engineers87,000 PA
Telecommunication Engineers87,000 PA
Electrical Engineers87,000 PA
Accountants66,000 PA
Senior Managers 85,000 PA
Civil Engineers83,000 PA
HR Professionals81,000 PA
Chemical Engineers77,000 PA
Admin Managers58,000 PA
IT Professionals 75,000 PA
Industrial Engineers68,000 PA
Mechanical Engineers68,000 PA
Production Engineers68,000 PA
School Teachers53,000 PA

8 Amazing Reasons To Choose Abroadpathway

We have a 100% visa success rate because the coordination between the documentation
Team and the client is crystal clear and harmonized .


We build our reputation by providing 100% Genuine and trustable visa processing guidance


Accurate Knowledge and practical Experience is the key to our name, fame and goodwill inthe immigration market


Our strong and qualified team of immigration consultants and Documentation processingexperts


We charge only for the hard work, dedication and our time invested on each case andeach client individually.

Calculate CRS Score for Canada PR Eligibility 2019

Canada calls more and more skilled people to apply for permanent residency. Here’s a great opportunity to fulfill your dream with constantly dropping Express Entry CRS score.IRCC, Canada invites total 11,150 candidates with CRS score of 438 or more. 5 points drop from the previous CRS score increases more and more hopes for future applicants still thinking to apply Canada PR visa? Your dream is just a step away.

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Visa Assessment Form

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