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How Do I Get A Subclass 190 Visa ?

Looking For Australia's Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 190

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This Subclass is specifically for those potential migrants whose occupation comes under the skilled category and is matching as per the Australian list of demanded occupations and the openings should be available in the particular state of your application. Here the applicant will be nominated by a particular State or Territory but with a minor restriction that the migrant will have to stay and work in that particular region of Australia for a pre-specified time period. Here also the applicant needs not to have any sponsorship from Employer or Family Member.

If you are applying under this Visa category, then getting a Work Permit is not required as you don’t need to be sponsored by your employer.

Eligibility For Subclass 190

One Should Must:

  • Have an occupation relevant to the Occupation in demand as per the specified Territory.
  • Get the Skill Assessment done for that occupation from a Suitable government Body,
  • Meet the passing point requirement as per the limit set by the specific Territory,
  • Must score as per the requirement in the Language Competency Examination.
  • Have at least 3+ years of Experience in relevant Profile and Education of the applicant,
  • Must have either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s or above degree of Relevant Education.
  • Be nominated by that particular state/Territory and receive an Invitation To Apply.

Stay Duration

Can stay permanently but the Visa initially comes with a validity of 5 years which can be extended further after the expiry of its validity This feature has been added to ensure that you are staying with good intentions and are adhering with the Countries standards and regulations and also to provide you an opportunity that you can apply for Australian Citizenship after staying for a specific duration in Australia.

Costing For Visa

The government fee for submitting the Visa application in Subclass 190 is AUD 3,670 which can be calculated in INR as per the current AUD value in INR.

Apart from this, there will be some other government charges that you have to pay for the Skill Assessment of your occupation to the respective government body and the Landing fee. The exact amount for these fees can be checked over the respective government website.

Frequently asked questions

GSM is a point-based plan for skilled workers that is not supported by any employer. This includes subclass 189 (independent skill), subclass 190 (registered skill), and subclass 491 (skilled occupation) visas.

Yes, you can include dependent family members, such as your spouse/partner, and children with your application.

PR allows you to travel in and out of Australia as many times as you like during the first five years. That said, if you stay outside Australia for an extended period of time, you need a Resident Return Visa to re-enter.

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