How to Create Express Entry profile

Canada Express Entry Scheme 2019: A Comprehensive Walk-Through

People around the world who aspire and plan to immigrate to Canada individually or with their families can apply for PR status to settle in Canada, the ‘Great White North’, through what has come to be known as the ‘fastest way to get entry into Canada as a PR’, the Express Entry immigration scheme or system.

Introduced in Jan, 2015 the Canada Express Entry scheme has since proven to be the backbone builder of Canada’s thriving economy as well as a superfast, cost-effective and easy pathway to Canada for potential immigrants globally, especially from India.

In the 3 years spanning 2019-2021, the immigration to Canada will be ramped up, as announced by IRCC in October 2018. In 2019 alone, 330,800 immigrants are targeted to be given PR status in Canada! Majority of these candidates will be taken through the Express Entry system

How Can I Become a Canadian Permanent Resident in 2019?

For immigrants with skilled work experience, Canada’s Express Entry system is the fastest way to settle in Canada as a Permanent Resident. It is an online system meant to quickly process the Immigration to Canada applications of thousands of qualified & deserving immigration candidates from the world over, especially from India. The other pathway of Canadian PR is application for immigration through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Most of the applications for Canada PR Visa submitted under the Canada Express Entry scheme are processed in less than 6 months!

Is Canada Express Entry 2019 an immigration program?

Contrary to common belief, Canada Express Entry scheme is not an immigration program in itself. It is an online system used by Canada’s federal govt. body Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage & process the immigration applications under Canada federal govt.’s economic immigration programs.

The most popular of these federal economic programs whose applications are managed under Canada Express Entry scheme 2019 are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP),
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Canada also welcomes the spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents and grandparents of permanent residents of Canada under its Family Class programs.

Some streams of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are also aligned with the Express Entry system of the federal govt. of Canada. To be eligible for applying under that PNP through Canada Express Entry system, you still need to be eligible for at least one of the above federal immigration programs.

In 2019-2010, Canada has a higher admissions target for Federal High Skilled economic immigration programs. The majority of these immigration applications for Canada’spermanent resident status are to be processed through the Express Entry scheme in 2019.

Can I apply for Canada PR Visa in 2019?

Canada is an immigration-friendly country and so if you are a skilled work experience holder and economically productive, chances are that you will be able to apply for Permanent Residence status Canada, although there are program-wise eligibility criteria that you must meet

A Step-by-Step Process for Canada PRApplication through Federal Express Entry system 2019

Here’s a quick reference guide for the process of immigration to Canada under the famous Canada Express Entry system 2019. These 10 steps are all you need to understand to be able to succeed with the Express Entry scheme for Canadian PR:

Step 1: First of all, check your eligibility for applying for PR Visa under Express Entry scheme.

There are three federal economic immigration programs for PR in Canada that are managed by Express Entry scheme. To be eligible under the Express Entry program 2019, you need to meet the minimum requirements as specified by the most suitable of these three immigration programs. The minimum requirements of each of the federal immigration programs are different.

The three federal economic immigration programs for PR in Canada are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Get in touch with our Express Entry Experts to understand the details

There is a class of people who are inadmissible as per Canadian Immigration Law. Book a consultation

Find out whether you might be admissible or inadmissible and how you can overcome the hurdles in immigration to Canada.

Step 1 (b): Determine your National Occupational Classification (NOC) level

NOC is an official resource of govt. of Canada used as a standard to assess job-related information of potential immigrants. There are 500+ NOCs organized under skill levels A to D and skill type O.

To check your eligibility for Canada PR through Express Entry scheme in 2019, be sure that you have requisite work experience in skill level A or B, or skill type O.

Step 2: Do a background preparation: IELTS Score, WES ECA and Calculate CRS

  • a) Get your Language Proficiency Test Results: Appear for an IRCC approved English and/or French test and score the minimum required CLB points. The minimum eligibility points for all three immigration programs are different. The tests can be IELTS (most popular test of proficiency in English for India) & CELPIP for English and TEF Canada & TCF Canada for French. When you apply to IRCC for Canada PR under Express Entry, your test results should not be more than 2 years old to be valid for consideration.
  • b) Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from a govt. of Canada approved institution. If you have received your education outside Canada, you must get your education assessed by an IRCC approved 3rd party on grounds of its Canada education level equivalency. IRCC approved education assessment parties include WES (most popular for India), IQAS, MCC, ICES, ICASC etc. When you apply to IRCC for Canada PR under Express Entry, your ECA report should not be more than 5 years old to be valid for consideration.#DidYouKnow: There are immigration programs where ECA is not mandatory as eligibility criteria,you should still get your ECA report as it helps in boosting your CRS.
  • c) Calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score: This is the most important element in the whole process of applying for immigration to Canada through Express Entry scheme in 2019.IRCC ranks you against other immigration prospects on a point-based system to find the most qualified candidates that will be able to economically succeed on migrating to Canada and will contribute towards its economy.IRCC will mark you out of 1200 points based on Human Capital factors, age, spouse or common law partner based factors, ECA and your educational qualifications, work experience out of Canada and your NOC levels, language proficiency in English and/or French, job offer from Canada or nomination from a province of Canada etc. You should register with the Job Bank if you do not have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada.This system as used by IRCC is called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).You should evaluate with the help of a licensed immigration consultant your CRS to be able to be prepared in advance and to improve your CRS.#DidYouKnow
    IRCC held 2019’s second Express Entry draw on 23rd Jan 2019. It issued 3,900 ITAs for CanadaPR Visa to candidates with CRS scores as low as 443! In all 7800 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) have been issued so far!

    Afraid your CRS may not meet the cut-off in Express Entry draws in 2019? Here’s a tip to improve your CRS score!

    Just in case you don’t get the CRS score to meet the minimum cut-off score, getting a provincial nomination from a province or territory of Canada under its PNP can help you gain brownie points! The PNP lets provinces/territories nominate a set number of candidates, including applicants under the Express Entry scheme.

    The provincial nomination gets you an additional 600 points in your CRS score! With this, getting your ITA becomes a strong possibility!

    The active Express Entry PNPs in 2019 so far are: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia & Prince Edward Island.

Step 3: Create your Express Entry Profile

All your preparation so far was for creating this profile, so be clear and cautious while creating your Express Entry profile.

  • Generate your Personal Reference Code (PRC) with the help of your Immigration Consultant
  • Create your GCKey account. Your immigration consultant will do it on your behalf.
  • Proceed with creating your Express Entry profile. You will have to share information on the following elements:
  • PRC
  • Name, birth details & marital status
  • Identity related information and documents,
  • Information on dependents,
  • Proof of funds,
  • Education qualifications,
  • ECA report and related information,
  • IELTS results and related information,
  • Work Experience related information and NOC levels,
  • Travel documents details,
  • Choice of Canadian province,
  • Provincial nomination details (if any)
  • Job offer details (if any)

Step 3 (b): Express Entry Pool of Candidates

On successfully completing and submitting your Express Entry profile, you will automatically be added to the Express Entry Pool of Candidates.

Step 4: Ranked by IRCC on CRS

You had calculated your CRS score in step 2 for your reference and checking if you needed to improve it further to be able to meet the possible cut off score.

Now, IRCC marks your profile based on the factors discussed in Step 2c and ranks you against other Express Entry profiles for Canada PR Visa in the Express Entry Pool of Candidates.

How can I determine my eligibility for Express Entry program

Step 5: Express Entry Draws by IRCC

IRCC makes Express Entry draws regularly by analyzing the overall CRS scores received by your Express Entry pool of candidates and deciding upon a cut-off CRS score, based on the federal govt. of Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2019. Express Entry Draws are conducted at regular intervals, mostly on a bi-monthly basis.

Your Express Entry Profile stays valid for 1 year! If you do not meet the minimum cut-off CRS score in an Express Entry draw, you can update your profile and improve your CRS score, and await the next Express Entry Draw to get selected. Every draw may have a new cut-off threshold!

Step 6: Receive your ITA by IRCC

It is an official document issued by the govt. of Canada to the applicants in the Express Entry Pool of Candidates who successfully meet the cut-off CRS score of an Express Entry draw or Round of Invitation. The Invitation to Apply signifies Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s permission to you to apply for Canada Permanent Resident visa in 2019.

The ITA that you will receive will be valid for 60 days only. So we advise you to prepare all necessary documents well in advance. Connect with us to get started at the right time to be able to get your Canada PR Visa in 2019.

Step 7: Pay your Fees and Apply for Permanent Residence status in Canada in 2019, AOR-PPR

Once you accept IRCC’s Invitation to apply for PR status in Canada, you will have 60 days to make your final application to the government of Canada for your Permanent Resident visa. Post applying for PR Visa in Canada, you will be issued an AOR-PPR i.e. Acknowledgement of receipt – Application for Permanent Residencewhich is actually a confirmation that your application for PR visa in Canada was received by IRCC.

Basic reviews of your medical status, your criminal records, Proof of Funds etc. will be conducted, and you can become a Canadian Permanent Resident in just a matter of months!

Check your Eligibility for Canada PR Visa

*Are you thinking of applying for Canada PR through Express Entry system 2019?*

The core of the Express Entry scheme is getting the Invitation to Apply.

We direct all our resources and efforts towards that goal for you. We help your profile fit the requirements by making a thorough assessment of your credentials call out the aspects that will get noticed by the Canada Immigration authorities and help you gain the ITA for your Canada PR visa in the fastest, most valid and affordable way!

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How can I Prepare for Canada Express Entry program in 2019?

It is really simple!

  • take your language proficiency exam, like IELTS for a test of your abilities in English language,
  • get your ECA report from a valid institution like WES,
  • take consultation from a reputed immigration consultant in India to improve your chances of getting Canada PR visa in 2019 itself.

Why go in for Canada Express Entry program in 2019?

The Express Entry system is an online system as against the earlier used paper based system of selecting suitable candidates for immigration to Canada.

Here are some of the benefits of Express Entry program2019:

  • Ranking score is given to all Express Entry profiles in a Pool of Candidates on a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)
  • Prospective employers, provinces & territories can review the ranks
  • Applications can be expected to be processed within 6 months of time
  • As it is federal govt. program for immigration to Canada, selected candidates can directly apply for Canada PR Visa
  • Candidates selected for PR status through the Express Entry system 2019 can settle anywhere in Canada

What’s the most popular immigration program under Express Entry system 2019 for India

Out of the 3 federal economic immigration programs managed through Express Entry system 2019 FSWP, FSTP, and CEC, Federal Skilled Worker Program is the most popular for migrants from India.

Who should apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) under Express Entry system?

This program is for you if you are interested in migrating to Canada and are:

  • Skilled work experience holder
  • Non-Canadian staying outside Canada
  • With no Canadian education or work experience

How to be Eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) under Express Entry system?

You must score a minimum of 67% out of the maximum marks assigned by IRCC on ‘Six FSWP Selection Factors’.

The 6 Selection Factors for FSWP are:

  • a) Language Abilities You must appear for a valid Language Proficiency Test like IELTS for English and score the minimum required bands (CLB6 for IELTS). Also, the test should not be more than 2 years old at the time of application. Knowledge of French is not mandatory but will fetch your brownie points!
  • b) Education: You must have a minimum educational qualification of Canadian Higher secondary Education or its equivalent foreign educational degree, as verified by the ECA report. For Indians, it means you must hold a diploma/bachelors’ or masters’ degree.
  • c) Valid Work Experience: You must have been involved in a full-time salaried job for at least 1 year in the past decade and this job must belong to any of the NOC O, A or B level categories.
  • d) Age: As Canada wants economically active immigrants to help boost its economy, applicants in the age group of 18 to 35 years are given the highest points. Applicants above 35 years of age but below 45 years of age are given lesser points. Applicants above 45 years cannot be eligible for FSWP but can apply for PR through PNPs.
  • e) Arranged Employment: If you have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada for a profession listed in NOC A,B or O class, you will be given 10 additional points!
  • f) Adaptability: Canadian govt. promotes the idea that you will easily adapt to Canada way of life if you bring along your spouse/common law partner to Canada and thus gives an additional 10 points for adaptability in this case.

If you score less than 67/100, the maximum points allotted for the above 6 factors for FSW program eligibility, you will not be able to apply to this federal economic immigration plan.

This makes it important for you to ensure you get the right score. Refer the following to Calculate your Points
Factors Maximum
Language Skills 28
Education 25
Work Experience 15
Age 12
Arranged Employment 10
Adaptability 10
Total 100

Final Requirements while Applying for Canada PR Visa in 2019 through Express Entry System?

  • Settlement Funds: As per IRCC rules, you must have the requisite funds to help you support your family and yourself for a set time after moving to Canada. This is to be certified through a valid Proof of Funds that is to be submitted with your Canada PR Visa application.
    As an exception to this, if you have an employment offer in Canada you may not need to submit a Proof of Funds.
  • Score at least the minimum cut-off CRS score in an Express Entry Draw to be eligible for an ITA and to make your application for PR status in Canada.
  • Documents needed while applying for Canada PR status through Express Entry program in 2019:
  • Your Recent Photograph
  • Your Latest and Attested Medical Certificate
  • Nomination/Job Offer Letter (if any)
  • Valid Police Clearance Certificate
  • Your updated Passport or other Valid Travel Documents
  • A Valid Proof of Funds (if needed)

There is a complete checklist with us for all general and personal documents that will be required throughout the process of applying for Permanent Resident visa in Canada in 2019 under the Express Entry scheme. Contact us to know more.

How long will it take to process my application under the Express Entry scheme?

The Processing Time for Canada PR in 2019 through Express Entry Scheme is 6 months or even lesser! There will be factors affecting the time taken for your Canada PR Visa like:

  • a) Accuracy of information shared by you
  • b) If any false documents are shared
  • c) Whether you have followed the process correctly
  • d) How quickly you respond to IRCC’s queries, if any
  • e) How quickly you meet the CRS cut off score in the Express Entry draws etc.

To make sure that you do not falter at any step in the Express Entry application process for Canada Permanent resident Visa in 2019, we suggest you to take assistance of our Canada Immigration Team.

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Is there a fixed score declared as the minimum score to clear the eligibility criteria?

As you have seen above, IRCC decides the minimum cut-off score of each Express Entry draw based on the overall scores achieved by the Pool of Candidates and its immigration level plan. These Express Entry draws re conducted on almost a bi-monthly basis.

The latest Express Entry draw was made on 23rd Jan 2019 and it announced the cut off at CRS 443 points. This is a low cut off score indicating that a greater number of ITAs will be issued by IRCC in 2019 to meet its goals of increasing the economic immigration to Canada. Be ready! Book a free consultation to improve your CRS score

Why should I consider hiring Immigration Consultants for Canada PR Visa in 2019?

The process of migrating to Canada is not difficult but is very detailed and requires quick updates on any changes that IRCC has, announced elaborate experience with eligibility documentation and response to queries from Canada.

It is very easy for you to miss out on important updates and announcements or skip an important document or get misguided by peers and miss your chance of settling in Canada!

It is for these reasons that we suggest hiring a professional team of immigration experts who can make your life easier and Canada PR Visa a reality!

Here is how we can help:

  • Achieve positive results for you
  • We will do your technical evaluation and bring out things that are missing
  • Train you for your IELTS test
  • Start the process of Canada PR visa through Express Entry system (or PNP)
  • Do the complete documentation for you
  • Get your education and work experience documents verified for you
  • Help you get your Proof of Funds
  • Help you get your Medical Certificate and Police Verification
  • Help you file your application for PR Visa in Canada
  • Help you post-application for PR Visa in Canada

We are well equipped with the most experienced team of Canada Permanent Residence (PR) visa experts who understand your queries and have the right solution ready for you, to help you achieve your goal of living in the country of your choice for you and your family – Canada!

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