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How the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Calculator Works?

CRS is a ranking system to rank the express profiles in the express pool. In order to do the same, points are awarded by CRS on the basis of credentials submitted by the candidate and other major factors. Following are the factors on the basis of which points are awarded in CRS calculator:

CRS awards point out of total 1200 points, with Core Human Capital + Spouse/Common-law Partner + Skill Transferability Factors awards candidates with 600 points and the remaining points are awarded by Additional Points (Includes Provincial nomination, French proficiency, Arranged employment.

You can easily check your eligibility for Canada Immigration by our updated CRS Calculator 2019

What is CRS point System?

CRS completely stands for Comprehensive Ranking system; the name itself speaks a thousand words explaining the exact meaning of this ranking system. It is a mandatory and a very crucial point calculator where eligible candidates are once again allocated points on the basis of six common factors already used to check 67 point eligibility defined below as well, assigning a rank according to the points secured under the Canada Express Entry CRS Point Calculator.

Scoring points in the point calculator and matching the cut off announced by IRCC is the most important factor in assuring your permanent residency visa for Canada. Many a times people cross the first stride of 67 point calculator but gets stuck in the second step that is the CRS point calculator because of several reasons which indeed keeps them in the queue but rewards them with long waiting time. Here applicants lose their patience, feels disheartened and drops their dream, but losing hope is not a solution to the problems. As it is famously said “Where There Is a Will There Is a Way”, so here also there are a number of ways you can still pursue your dream and fulfill it. You can look out for the options below or talk to our experts for experienced and accurate information.

Canada Immigration
Points Calculator 2019

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To be eligible under Express Entry Program you need to qualify two point calculators, which are 67 point calculator for FSW and CRS point calculator for express entry, whereas, to apply under Provincial nominee Program you need to qualify under different requirements as per the demand of the province.


Factors that will decide your Canada immigration points

Your immigration to Canada will be greatly influenced by your score in the Canada Immigration points that are awarded based on 6 factors.

  • Age: Apt age group is 18 to 35 years, under the Express Entry program. Applicants above the age group of 35 years are given lesser points and maximum age limit to qualify under express entry program is 45 years. If you fall under the 18 – 35 years of age then points can earn you high points in the FSW point’s calculator. Candidates above 45 years of age has an option of Provincial Nominee Program
  • Qualification: Canadian or Canadian higher secondary education equivalent certification i.e. a diploma or bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field is a mandatory requirement to qualify for Express Entry Program .
  • Work Experience under O, A, B Noc Code:  Minimum of 1 year of steady full time work for a salary in the past 10 years is required for qualifying under Express Entry
  • Language Ability: Minimum of 6 bands in is required in every English Language Test module. IELTS exam scorecard should not be older than 2 years at the time of application.
  • Adaptability: If you are married or in common-law relationship, and your spouse or partner will also immigrate to Canada with you, then you get an extra 10 points for the adaptability.
  • Arranged Employment: If you are migrating to Canada with a job offer by a Canadian employer you get extra 10 points in your profile


Best Option for applicants waiting to meet the CRS cutoff in the year 2019

Applicants still waiting to match up to the CRS scores, here are two easy options which can help you get an ITA faster.One of the options achieving fame these days, acting as a blessing in disguise for dreamful candidates is the Provincial Nominee Program. All provinces and territories have diverse eligibility requirements to fill in the labour market gap of each province. The PNP program allows each province to look up the pool and find the skilled candidates to issue notification of interest and bestowing them with 600 additional points towards their CRS scores ensuring a sure shot Invitation to apply. This program offers candidates a chance to apply Canada PR with low IELTS score, no job offer, low language proficiency etc. this is why candidates are running more towards the PNP programs.

Second option which comes to rescue is improving your CRS scores which somehow helps you meet the cut off. Some of the major points that can help them to improve on their CRS score are as follows:

  • Candidate or their spouse has any sibling living in Canada as a permanent residence
  • Improving your scores in language proficiency
  • Can show more work experience
  • Can attain better qualification or higher education
  • Getting a PNP notification of Interest can add up 600 points towards the CRS scores.



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