Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada 2021

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Federal Skilled Trade Program

FSTP simply stands for Federal Skilled Trade Program. It is one of the various programs used to move Canada on a Permanent Resident Status under the Express Entry System particularly for those skilled workers meeting the requirements set for FSTP by the government.

The number of applications accepted under FSTP in one year is limited to 3,000 out of which 100 applications can get approval for each occupation of category “A”. There is no such cap applicable for category “B” occupations.

There are total 43 occupations included under category “A” and “B” which comes under this group.

Eligibility for Federal Skilled Trade Program?

  • Must have at least 2 years of experience relevant to the nominated occupation within the last 5 years.
  • Must have a valid employment offer from Canada relevant to the nominated occupation.
  • Must score minimum “5” CLB in Listening & Speaking and minimum “4”CLB in Reading & Writing in the Language Adaptability Test.
  • Must meet all the other requirements mentioned in the respective National Occupational Classification (NOC) (if any).
  • Stay Duration
  • Can stay permanently but the Visa initially comes with a validity of 5 years which can be extended further after the expiry of its validity
    This feature has been added to ensure that you are staying with good intentions and are adhering with the Countries standards and regulations and also to provide you an opportunity that you can apply for Canadian Citizenship after staying for a specific duration in Canada.

Costing For Visa

The government fee for submitting the Visa application in FSTP program is CAD 550 (Main Applicant), CAD 550 (Partner) and CAD 150 (For children under 19 years age and not having any partner) which can be calculated in INR as per the current CAD value in INR.

Apart from this there will be some other government charges that you have to pay for the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) of your occupation to the respective government body and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (CAD 490). The exact amount for these fees can be checked over the respective government website.

  • Note 1:- A person cannot opt for Quebec under Express Entry System.
  • Note 2:- Maximum age required for Express Entry system is 46 or below.

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