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Canada Immigration Process From India

What Is Canada Immigration? What Is Process For Canada Immigration?

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Canada Immigration

With the introduction of the Express Entry program, Canada immigration has become a point-based immigration process. It has replaced the prior paper system – First Come First Served in order to manage the ever-increasing applications for Canada PR Visa and streamlined the process.

In this article we will discuss the basic of Canada immigration through the following topics:

  • Canada immigration categories
  • Best Way to move to Canada
  • Canada PR Visa requirements
  • Documents required for Canada Immigration

What are the different immigration categories in Canada?

There are basically three different types of immigration categories that allow immigrants from around the world to move to the country of Canada:

  • Economic Immigrants
  • Family Class
  • Refugees

Canada has always welcomed immigrants with skill-sets that can help in the economic development of the country. All the skilled immigrants who want to move to Canada, they have to submit their application under economic class immigration.

Some of major Canada’s economic immigration are as follows:

There are some of the major immigration programs for skilled immigrants that allows them to move to Canada from India.

What is the Best Way to move to Canada?

The best way to move to Canada from India is by getting a Canada PR Visa. PR visa allows the holder to live and work anywhere in the country for a duration of five years. Other than two exceptions, a PR visa holder enjoys the same rights as a Canadian citizen.

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

Following are the major benefits for Indian to become a Canada PR Visa holder:

  • Free excellent medical and health care treatment
  • Free high-quality education
  • Social services and social security benefits
  • Can apply for Canadian citizenship after a certain period of time
  • Can sponsor the application of their family members for PR Visa

Express Entry Program

The fastest immigration pathway to apply for Canada PR Visa is the Express Entry program. It was introduced to manage the application of the candidates who have applied for Canada PR visas through three federal economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC), Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Candidates who are able to meet the minimum requirements of either of the above-mentioned immigration programs can create an express profile.

All the express profiles are then submitted together in the express pool, wherewith the use of a ranking system – Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), profiles are ranked in the express pool. Highest ranked profiles are issued Invitation to Apply (ITAs) through regularly held express draws.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Every province in Canada has a special agreement with the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows them to nominate potential skilled immigrants that can easily adapt to the daily life of the province. This immigration pathway is known as the Provincial Nominee Program.

Each of the PNPs has different requirements that are based on the local labour market demands of the respective province. If a candidate is able to meet those requirements like having work experience in a high in-demand occupation, strong connection to the province etc., they are nominated for a provincial nomination.

There are also “Enhanced” streams that are in-line with the federal government’s Express entry program, allowing the express entry candidates to apply for provincial nomination. Once an express entry candidate is able to get a provincial nomination certificate, they are awarded with major 600 CRS points.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Quebechas its own immigration program to select skilled immigrants for permanent resident status to help in the economic development of the province. Once a candidate is able to meet the requirements, they are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). CSQ certificate demonstrates that the province has selected the holder for PR status in the province. When the candidate is applying for PR Visa to the IRCC, they are also required to submit the CSQ certificate.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

Introduced to help the economic development of the Atlantic region of Canada, the AIPP – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is an employer-driven immigration program. Atlantic region of Canada comprises of – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. Immigrants who are able to get a job offer from an eligible employer of the Atlantic region, are nominated for Canada PR Visa.

There are also other immigration pathways to Canada PR Visa, with each one of them having their own eligibility criteria, facilitating immigrants with different skill-sets to move to Canada as a permanent resident.

What is the minimum requirement to apply for Canada PR Visa?

Following is the minimum requirement to apply for Canada PR visa through express entry program:

  • Skilled Work Experience: Candidate must have a minimum of one year of work experience in the past 10 years, in a skilled occupation that is categorized under National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level type 0, A or B.
  • Language Ability: Candidate is required to have a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 in a language test from an IRCC-designated language testing organization
  • Education: Candidate must provide either a Canadian educational credential or a foreign credential with an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) certificate. ECA certificate ensures that the degree, diploma or certificate that the candidate has pursued is equal to the Canadian education system.
  • Also, the candidate must score a minimum 67 points in the FSWP point grid. FSWP evaluates the candidate’s profile based on factors like age, language proficiency, work experience, arranged employment and adaptability.

What are the documents required for Canada Immigration?

The candidate is required to produce the following documents to prove that they are eligible for the Canada PR visa from India in 2024:

  • Identity proof documents
  • Education transcripts
  • ECA Certificate
  • IELTS scorecard
  • Valid traveling documents
  • Medical & Police Clearance Certificate
  • Other documents (If applicable)

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Frequently asked questions

Immigrating to Canada is not as difficult as people think. With the right knowledge, research, preparation, and consultation, it is possible to make the transition to a new life in Canada. We have numerous clients who have successfully immigrated to Canada on PR Visa through the step-by-step guidance of our Expert Immigration Consultants. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back - make the jump and start your new journey!

Yes, you can. There are many options that let you immigrate to Canada without a job offer such as express entry and provincial nominee program.

The major benefits you will receive after getting Permanent Resident (PR) status are as follows:

  • Free Healthcare
  • Free Education
  • Better job opportunities
  • Higher salaries
  • Social Security benefits and many more benefits
  • IRCC Registered:

    File representation done by the Registered IRCC Canada Immigration Lawyers to make your profile stronger.

  • Experienced Consultants:

    Guidance with knowledge & experience is the best combination that always brings the best results.

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    Our experienced Canada immigration consultants will guide you the right way based on your profile requirements.

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