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What is Canada Express Entry?

Canada Express entry is an online system for organising and processing Canada PR Visa applications for skilled immigrants. This process was developed in 2015 the purpose of introducing this process was to ease Canada Immigration process for those who wish to resident in Canada for better salaries, better lifestyle and better environment.

Check Canada Express Entry Eligibility:

It is important to check Canada Express Entry Eligibility before you decide to apply for it. As Express Entry Process works on two different point systems; one is the 67 point calculator also known as the eligibility point calculator and second is the Comprehensive Ranking System which is majorly used to rank the candidates in the Express Entry Pool on the basis of the points scored by an applicant. Both the point calculators’ works on 6 different selection criteria’s namely Age, Educational Qualification, Work Experience, Language ability, Arranged Employment and Adaptability.

 Check Your Express Entry Eligibility

Most of the skilled workers planning to get PR in Canada prefer getting selected through the Canada PR Express Entry Process as it is the best and the most easiest way to migrate to Canada. Express Entry allows applications majorly from 4 visa categories stated below. Out of which Federal Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Program are the most welcoming and skilled worker friendly visa categories:

How to create an express entry profile?

Anyone can create express entry profile but only a professional and expert can create it the correct way to which can help a candidate get an invite smoothly from IRCC, still we are trying to explain you the best possible way to create an express entry profile:

  • Keep your ECA report handy: ECA report along with all your mark sheets and copy of degree is required to fill the education section in the application
  • Keep IELTS report handy: IELTS report along with all minute details in the report needs to be filled in the language section in the application
  • Calculate CRS score: So that you can judge whether you qualify the eligibility criteria or not
  • Find the correct NOC according to your Job profile: Finding an NOC as per your job profile which is in demand in Canada can be a very confusing thing, here is when you require an experts help
  • Keeping all Work related documents handy: Once you find the correct NOC for each of your experience then you need to fill in all the details requested in the work section of the application
  • Enter the application in the Express Entry Pool: Once all the sections are complete in the express entry profile you need to submit the application and straight away your CRS scores are generated and you enter the Express Entry Pool.
  • Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA): You can either receive an invite directly from the Federal government or else you need to go through the Provincial nomination process. This totally depends on the CRS scores of yours.
  • Submit all the required documents: After you receive an ITA, you get 60 days time to submit all the required documents in the correct format acceptable by Canadian Government.
  • Submit application processing and biometric fees: Along with the documents, the application processing fees also needs to be submitted
  • Get your COPR: This is actually the confirmation of your Permanent residency which can also be considered as a PR visa approval.

Documents Required under Express Entry:

Basically documents required are nothing but the proofs to suffice the 6 selection criteria’s stated above that is Age, Qualification, Work Experience, IELTS Language ability, Adaptability and Arranged Employment along with some extra documents mandatory to receive a confirmation of Permanent residency by the government of Canada. Detailed information about the list of documents required are stated below for better understanding:

  • Identity and Age document Passport
  • Educational Qualification_ ECA Report, Mark sheets and degree of bachelors and higher studies
  • Work Experience_ Reference Letters, Relieving Letters, Payslips, Appointment letters, Bank statement etc. The more experience documents you provide the more is the weight age of the application
  • Language ability_IELTS scorecard
  • Adaptability_Marriage Certificate, Relatives in Canada Proof, Spouse IELTS if any, Spouse ECA if any
  • Arranged Employement_Any LMIA approved Job Offer
  • Extra Documents
    • Provincial Nomination Certificate if applying through Provincial Nominee Program
    • Medical of the complete family in case travelling along
    • Police Clearance Certificate
    • Passport size photo
    • Proof of Funds

Some of the documents above are not mandatory; to know which are the mandatory documents and which documents can be exempted you need to consult our well versed documentation and immigration expert.

Cost and Processing Time for the Express Entry:

The table below will give you a clear picture of the cost involved in the complete PR process. Please note that the cost below are subject to change without prior notice.

Stepwise Cost that needs to be paid in Indian Rupees and Cost that needs to be paid in CAD:

Step 1 Education Credential Assessment CAD 270 – 500 (Approx.)
Step 2 IELTS INR 14,700 (Approx.)
Step 3 State Nomination Fee (If applicable) CAD 500 – 1500 (Approx.)
Step 4 Police Clearance Certificate INR 500 (Approx.) each accompanying adult
Step 5 Medical INR 5,500 (Approx.) each accompanying person
Step 6 Application Processing Fee
Right to Permanent residency Fee
Biometric Fees
CAD 825 each adult/ CAD 225 each accompanying child
CAD 500 each accompanying adult
CAD 85 each accompanying adult

Processing time differs from case to case basis as each and every application entering the pool is different, however, still we can help you with the average time taken to complete the whole process. For candidates who receive an Invitation to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program the processing for them ranges between 7 – 9 months approximately if everything goes right, however, for candidates applying through Provincial Nominee Program the average processing time ranges between 12 – 15 months approximately.

Proof of funds

Candidates who have applied for Canada PR Visa through FSWC or FSTP, they have to show some proof of funds to ensure that they can support themselves (or any accompanying family member) financially for their move to Canada. Following is the table that illustrates the settlement funds required:

Number of Family Members Funds Required (In-CAD)
1 $13,213
2 $16,449
3 $20,222
4 $24,553
5 $27,847
6 $31,407
7 $34,967
For each additional family member, add $3,560

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Abroad Pathway Immigration consultant as your immigration consultant for Canada PR Visa, you will have the advantage of having your immigration application processed by professionals who have intimate knowledge of provincial and federal immigration requirements. They will be able to guide you through all stages of the process and ensure that your application receives the attention it deserves.

We have helped dozens of professionals and students from across the country make their immigration dreams come true and thrive by providing the best advice to our clients.

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