Month of January fulfills the dreams of more than 40,000 immigrants

Canada Permanent resident Visa

The opening of the first month of the year 2019 hints towards the increasing probability of reaching the targets of 1 million immigrants by the end of 2021 without much endeavor. Government of Canada welcomes 40,000 prospective applicants through key economic and family sponsorship programs.  The targets set by IRCC for the year 2019 comes as a great ray of hope for aspirants dreaming to live a Canadian life.

3,31,000 new Permanent residents from all over the world will be issued an invitation to Apply for Canada under various immigration programs. This target is set to elevate by passing years and then we get to achieve the target of three-year immigration level plan decided by the Canadian government. Let’s have a look of the hikes in the targets set by IRCC under the three-year immigration level plan:

S.No. Year Target
1 2019 3,31,000
2 2020 3,41,000
3 2021 3,50,000

The variation between each target set for their respective years ranges between 9,000 – 10,000 which indeed is a good percentage to ensure the stability in the growth of the Canadian Labor Force and economy.

These targets will be achieved through various programs; however the major contribution will be by the FSWP Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program to stabilize and elevate the economic development of the country. The eligibility criteria for both the programs are indispensably different from each other, however, the common factors on which candidates earns points under both the programs are as follows:

  1. Age: 18 to 35 years is the appropriate age to apply Express Entry program.
  2. Qualification: Education Credential Evaluation report from an authorized authority like WES/IQAS
  3. Work Experience under O, A, B Noc Code :  At least 1 year of full time work experience in the past 10 years is a mandatory requirement
  4. Language Ability: 6 bands in each module  of IELTS is the minimum requirement to fulfill the FSW 67 point calculator
  5. Adaptability: Candidates travelling with spouse or common law partner can earn 10 extra points to inflate your score
  6. Arranged Employment: Candidates with a job offer from any Canadian company can earn you 10 extra points.

Express entry program is a better option for skilled Indian candidates with good command over English Language but at the same time candidates with lesser proficiency in English should also not get disheartened, because it is only Canada who has a special program designed for candidates with higher age, less IELTS score and no job offer famously known as Provincial Nominee Program. These easy policies and candidates requirement driven programs has designated Canada as one of the most immigration friendly countries throughout the world but the stringent procedure is where you require expert and experienced counseling followed by proficient documentation help.

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