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Canada is a rampant destination amongst immigrants who are fantasizing of settling in the Maple country as it offers all the necessities of aqualityway of life, – Inordinate infrastructure, low cost of living, uncluttered lifestyle, and emerging economy providing boundless job opportunities and respectable remunerations.

Attaining a Visa in your hand for your preferred country is a dream coming true for any individual; however, the procedure for the same is what needs to be taken care of.It is tacit that Canada has copious methods open for immigrants, but to cherry-pick the correct method satiating all government requirements is very important to successfully get a visa.

The fastest and the easiest approach to immigrate to Canada is the Provincial Nominee Program which is plausible for applicants with less Ielts band score. This program allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals interested in settling in a particular province. Partaking provinces and territories sign agreements with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada that allow them to select applicants who meet the requirements that have been set forth by their respective governments.

Brief Synopsis of Provinces available for Immigration to Canada is as follows:

  • British Columbia: People love British Columbia for its mesmerizing scenic beauty and the co-curricular activities offered by the province. It is situated on the west coast of Canada amid the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Rocky Mountains on the other. It has a growing economy where more than one million jobs will be available till the time we touch 2021. This province bids a great lifestyle along with low cost of living.
  • Manitoba: Manitoba has the strongest and most diversified economies, with a low cost of living and plenty of prospects for eminent careers and schooling.It is popular with immigrants for its free public health care and school systems.It is a place where people of many beliefs live together in harmony. There are over 200 dialectsarticulated throughout the province.
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan has a heterogeneous economy along withlavish natural resources, reasonable living cost and relaxed and tranquil lifestyle making it an exceptional choice to live, work and settle with their family. The province’s beautiful, wide open spaces are surpassed by its warm, friendly and welcoming people.
  • Ontario:Ontario’s capital city is Toronto. The population of the city makes it the largest and most populous city.It is also the country’s financial center and the seat of the stock exchange.The city is said to be the most multiethnic city in the world.
  • New Brunswick:The truncated living cost in New Brunswick means that even with a modest income, one can live a contented life. The Average incomes for New Brunswick families are $65,910, among the lowest in Canada. The cost of accommodation, heating, power and food are likewise substantially lower than almost anywhere in Canada.
  • Nova Scotia:The province offers a high quality of life where you can:
    • enjoy our schools and other opportunities
    • use our technology and communication services
    • balance your work, family and other responsibilities

    Nova Scotia welcomes you to a safe and secure environment with freedom and opportunities for a great future.

  • Newfoundland:The warm, welcoming, fun loving and funny people here are known for their natural creativity, unique language, and knack for storytelling. Perhaps that’s why Maclean’s magazine thinks Newfoundland and Labrador has one of the Top 10 Friendliest Cultures in the World!
  • Prince Edward Island:It is the smallest city of Canada offering beautiful flora and fauna, warm and loving people, simple and relaxed lifestyle and reasonable job opportunities. This city value’s education and hardworking labors.
  • Yukon:Yukon is an excellent place to live, work and play. This city welcomes the newcomers with open arms every year and offer great opportunities, including:
    • friendly people
    • a skilled and educated workforce
    • up-to-date transportation systems
    • outdoor activities in every season of the year
    • one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada
    • a strong economy thanks to our natural resources
    • broadband Internet service in all of our communities
  • Northwest Territories:The small population of 43,000 people live in 33 communities throughout the NWT and enjoy:
    • wide open spaces
    • excellent government services
    • good jobs and economic opportunities to work and do business
  • Alberta (Skilled Worker [professional]):The people of Alberta have come from many cultures and backgrounds. They work together to build a strong economy and safe community where everyone is welcomed whole heartedly. Alberta has:
    • high standards of living
    • cultural events all over the province
    • excellent healthcare and school systems
    • a strong and steady economy from industries such as oil and gas etc.

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