Tourist Visa for Canada

Learn All About Tourist Visa for Canada in 2021

  • Are you planning on visiting your family or friends in Canada?
  • Do you wish to go to the beautiful maple country Canada for tourism?

If yes, you must apply for your standard Canada Tourist Visa for recreational purposes and plan your trip! Here is all you need to know about your Tourist Visa for Canada.

What is the role of Visitor Visa and is it the same as Tourist Visa?

You need a Canada Tourist Visa, also known as Visitor Visa for Canada or Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to travel to Canada as a tourist or to visit family/friends in Canada.

This is an official document that is attached to your passport on approval and allows you temporary immigration to Canada for a maximum duration of six months. In some cases you may need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depending on your nationality, means of traveling to Canada etc. Get a Call Back to Discuss

Once I get a Canadian Tourist Visa, How Long Cam I Stay in Canada?

You can stay up to 6 months after the date of your visa. There are chances that the port of entry, the BSO may increase or decrease this duration from 6 months and mention your return date on a document called ‘visitor record’.

Who Can Apply for Tourist Visa for Canada?

The requirements are very simple:

  1. You must be in good health
  2. You must have a clean track record and no criminal background.
  3. You need your passport to be valid and not due for expiration in 6 months or less
  4. You need to prove that you have ties with your home country.
  5. You need to fully convince the immigration officer that you intend to leave Canada on the culmination of your visa duration.
  6. You must prove that you have funds to sustain yourself during your stay in Canada.
  7. In case you are visiting relatives/friends, you must show a Letter of Invitation from them.
  8. A medical examination may be required in some cases. You must comply.
  9. You do not intend to work in Canada

Will I be Free to Move In and Out of Canada After Getting my Tourist Visa?

This depends on the type of your Tourist Visa for Canada. There are 2 types of Tourist Visas:

  • Single Entry Tourist Visa: You can enter Canada only once with this visa. Once you leave Canada (except for traveling to the USA or St. Pierre and Miquelon) you will need a new visa to enter Canada again.
  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa: With this visa, you can come to Canada for a period of 6 months or go from Canada for that duration on the same visa multiple times. This stays valid for a maximum of 10 years or for a month prior to the expiration of your passport, whichever is earlier.

What are the Documents Required for Tourist Visa for Canada?

  1. A passport valid for 6 months or more
  2. 2 copies of passport
  3. Tourist visa application duly filled and signed by you
  4. Color photographs
  5. An application cover letter by you clearly mentioning the duration and purpose of your stay.
  6. An NOC from your current employer
  7. Letter of Invitation if you are visiting relatives in Canada
  8. Financial documents like proof of funds, ITR etc.
  9. Detailed itinerary, air tickets etc.
  10. Bank statement for last 6 months
  11. IT returns for last 2 years and Salary slips for last 3 months.

A Quick Glance at the Process for Applying for Canada Tourist Visa:

Here is how you can apply for Tourist Visa for Canada in 2021

Online/ Offline Application: Once you meet the eligibility criteria for Tourist Visa for Canada, you need to choose between Online and Paper-Based mode of application. The IRCC itself promotes the online mode of application for tourist visa where you can make payment online.

For paper process:

Paper Based Application Form: Fill in Tourist Visa application form without error, including the barcode page. Your application must be complete to avoid rejection.

Fees: You must pay the Processing Fees valid for you via the DD or cheque.

CVAC: Go to Canada Visa Application Centre with all documents listed above as well as payment details.

Keep a track of your application online with the tracking code shared with you.

How Much does a Canada Tourist Visa Cost?

Visa Type CAD INR
Visitor Visa per person (Single/multiple entry) 100 5222
Canada Tourist Visa Extension 100 5222

The application process seems simple but for any reason (like incomplete details) if your application is rejected you can apply again only if there is some change in your details. We suggest you consult your immigration advisers to get success in the first go. Speak to Our Canada Guru