Working Holiday Visa for Canada

Working Holiday Visa for Canada 2019

Are you looking for an adventure abroad that pays?

Does the idea of a working holiday in Canada sound interesting to you? If it does, we bring all you need to know about International Experience Canada (IEC) Working Holiday Work Permit 2019.

Popularly known as Working Holiday Visa for Canada 2019, it enables you to get Canadian work experience, enjoy the beautiful maple country and earn to pay for this amazing trip in Canada!

Here’s the easiest way for youth to work in Canada for up to 2 years!

Canada is a land of opportunities for non-Canadian citizens and PRs looking to gain international exposure. It allows you to gain new skills, experience Canadian culture and live an adventure! All this is made possible through the contract that Canada has with more than 30 countries and territories wherein getting a work permit among these countries has been made easier to promote cultural exchange. This is called International Experience Canada (IEC) under which falls the Working Holiday Visa for Canada program.

What is International Experience Canada (IEC) Working Holiday Work Permit 2019?

IEC Working Holiday is a program under which, on meeting the eligibility requirements, youth from partner countries can get a temporary visa easily to live, travel and work in Canada for a period of 12 months, or in some cases up to 24 months (depending on your country of citizenship). This program allows you to get a work permit in the form of an ‘open work permit’ to fund your holiday in Canada.

Who can benefit from IEC Working Holiday Visa for Canada?

You can get an open work permit under this program that lets you work with most of the Canadian employers, except a few where you will have to get a medical examination and present the report.

You can benefit from this program if:

  1. You do not have a valid Canadian job offer
  2.  You are looking for working with multiple employers in Canada
  3. You are looking to work in multiple locations
  4. You are looking for money to fund your holiday in Canada

Who Can Apply for Working Holiday Visa for Canada 2019?

The eligibility for Working Holiday visa in Canada in 2019 is simple.

  1. The country of your citizenship must be in agreement with Canada under the IEC to allow you to apply for a temporary work permit in Canada.
  2. You must fall in the age group of 18-30 years of age for some partner countries and 18-35 years of age for other partner countries.
  3. You must hold a valid passport for the entire duration of your stay in Canada
  4. You must hold funds equivalent to CAD2500 to help you cover your expenses initially.
  5. You must be admissible to Canada as per IRCC
  6. No dependants can accompany you to Canada.
  7. You should be able to get health insurance for the duration of your working holiday visa in Canada.
  8. You should have a round-trip ticket before departure from your country or you should hold enough financial resources to buy a return ticket from Canada, at the end of the duration of your work permit.
  9. You must pay the relevant fees for Canada Working Holiday Visa 2019.
  10. You do not hold any criminal record.

How can you apply for Canada Working Holiday Work Permit 2019?

Here is the process of applying for IEC Working Holiday Visa for Canada:

STEP1: ‘Come to Canada Questionnaire’: When pools open, fill in this questionnaire for the authorities to check your eligibility, if eligible you are given a code.

STEP2: Profile Creation: With the help of the code, create your IES account and make your profile marking the category you wish to be in. As per your choice and eligibility, you will be put in one or more pools.

STEP3: ITA: IRCC makes rounds of invitations for a year and randomly selects the candidates out of different pools based on a quota. If you are not selected in a draw, you may wait for further draws in the year.

STEP4: Accept/Decline: You have 10 days to share your acceptance of the ITA.

STEP5: Apply: Within 20 days of your acceptance, you must apply for Canada Working Holiday Work Permit with all requisite documents and fees.

STEP6: Biometrics: Wait for Biometrics Request Letter and share your Biometrics within 30 days.

STEP7: Processing Time taken for Canada Working Holiday Visa: Within 8 weeks of the application, a final decision is shared with you. On approval, you get a Port of Entry (POE) Letter.

This works in yearly seasons, and 2019 season began in December 2018. Although you can apply anytime, we suggest you do it at the earliest. Contact us to know why.

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