A big and exciting change for aspiring immigration candidates finding a way out through Provincial Nominee Program

The government of Saskatchewan’s decision to unfasten the most popular Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand sub categories to applicants with experience in one of the 200 occupations acting as a major twirl the immigration industry giving a ray of hope to immigrants and immigration consultants. This key decision before the elections came as a piece of positive news bringing in a more attractive and happy decision of non mandatory job offer from state or country. The relaxed eligibility requirements of the state of Saskatchewan in order to be considered for Canada PR through SINP under two best categories will somehow help IRCC to achieve or cross the targets set for the Year.

One year of Skilled work experience in one of the 200 categories is a mandatory and major requirement of the state. Last week SINP of jobs reinstated quite some occupations in the in demand occupation list released by the province, this replacement leaped the count of eligible occupations from 19 to 218 opening doors for wide range of EOI candidates. Professions that are now eligible swathe the array of high-skilled occupations covering managerial professionals to technical and skilled trades including IT:

  • Information systems analysts
  • Database analysts and data administrators
  • Computer network technicians
  • Information systems testing technicians
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • Web designers and developers

According to the interview with Executive Director of SINP program Ms. Anne Mc Rorie it has been said that the announcement of the change in the in demand occupation list to fulfill the labor market gaps is somehow going to attract skilled workers in need in the province. The one and only way to now look at the list of eligible occupations is to go on the SINP’s website is to fill out an online Expression of Interest, or EOI. Only appropriate candidates whose profession appears on the drop-down list will be able to submit an EOI into the pool of candidates for either the Express Entry or Occupation In-Demand sub-categories.

The first come first serve approach has been replaced by the EOI system for the state as earlier the applications accepted were quick but did not favor or benefit the labor market, these innovations in Canada PNP programs are exciting and worthy benefiting both the parties.

What is CRS point System?

CRS completely stands for Comprehensive Ranking system; the name itself speaks a thousand words explaining the exact meaning of this ranking system. It is a mandatory and a very crucial point calculator where eligible candidates are once again allocated points on the basis of six common factors already used to check 67 point eligibility defined below as well, assigning a rank according to the points secured under the Canada Express Entry CRS Point Calculator.

Scoring points in the point calculator and matching the cut off announced by IRCC is the most important factor in assuring your permanent residency visa for Canada. Many a times people cross the first stride of 67 point calculator but gets stuck in the second step that is the CRS point calculator because of several reasons which indeed keeps them in the queue but rewards them with long waiting time. Here applicants lose their patience, feels disheartened and drops their dream, but losing hope is not a solution to the problems. As it is famously said “Where There Is a Will There Is a Way”, so here also there are a number of ways you can still pursue your dream and fulfill it. You can look out for the options below or talk to our experts for experienced and accurate information.

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