How to Get Canada pr visa from India with Simple steps

Applying for Canada pr visa from India made easy

Apply Canada pr visa from India

Is Canada a good option for migrating from India?

Planning to move to Canada? Here are statistics that will support your choice for migration to the beautiful country of many opportunities! A research by Statistics Canada says Indian-Canadian group of Permanent Residents is the fastest growing community in Canada, forming the 2nd largest out-of-Europe based community. India is Canada’s top immigration source-country. With great quality of life and numerous benefits and privileges for permanent residents, Canada is now the most preferred country for migration from India for skilled workers.

Is it difficult to get PR Visa for Canada from India?

 Canada Permanent Resident Visa is one of the most sought after visas from India as Canada has been adopting immigration-friendly policies for decades now and getting a Canada PR Visa has become quicker, easier and more attractive than ever! If you follow the right process, you may get your Canada PR Resident Visa in less than 6 months. Get First Counseling Free

There are more than 60 pathways available for different classes of applicants for immigrating to Canada, run by its various provinces and territories like the Provincial Nominee Programs and QSWP, along with federal government’s economic immigration management system called the Express Entry System 2019. You can apply for becoming a Canadian Citizen once you hold a Canada Permanent Resident Visa.  Our Canada Immigration Experts will study your case and suggest the best pathway for you. Get a Call Back

Is the Express Entry System relevant for me to get PR Visa for Canada?

Although there are many immigration programs available for moving to Canada, but if you are a skilled worker/ working professional from India, the most suitable Canada immigration pathway for you is Federal Skilled Worker Program managed by the Express Entry System in 2019. Also, programs like CEC and FSTC are available Learn More

How do I check if I am eligible for Express Entry System 2019?

The Express Entry System relies on a point based mechanism called the Comprehensive Ranking System. The minimum CRS required for eligibility under FSWP in 2019 is 67 points. Calculate your CRS Score and Check your Eligibility.

How much may it cost to migrate to Canada from India in 2019?

Migrating to Canada involves limited costs, with a requirement to pay fees once you are selected for applying for PR Visa. Though there are other indirect costs like taking your IELTS and ECA, travel costs etc. Contact Us for an Estimate of Cost of Immigrating to Canada from India in 2019

A good immigration lawyer can save time, effort and money for you in the process of applying for Canada PR Visa in 2019.

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