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Master ‘Canada immigration points calculator 2019’ to ensure your success

2019-05-17 | Abroad Pathway Immigration | Leave a Comment

Master ‘Canada immigration points calculator 2019’ to ensure your success

Do you feel you have the skills and capabilities to live and work in Canada and contribute towards its economy productively?

If yes, migrating to Canada is a dream you can achieve by mastering over a few important elements of the process of Canada Immigration and PR Visa. Read on to understand how.

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What are Express Entry System 2019 and CRS?

Canada is open to global talent and adopts a transparent electronic system called the Express Entry System to select the most deserving out of the immigration applicants. Its designated body, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ranks the immigration candidates based on the scores achieved by them on a point based system ‘Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)’.

How Does CRS Calculate My Points?

As IRCC is looking to find skilled workers with a sound physiological, educational, civil and professional background for migration to Canada, it calculates your points on the basis of core human factors, skill transferability, accompanying spouse, Canadian job offer. The maximum points you can score on these points are 600.

IRCC also offers a chance for you to score an additional maximum 600 points on factors like having a sibling as a Canadian PR, very high proficiency in French language etc.

What are the minimum points needed on Canada Point Test Calculator System?

There is minimum CRS score issued for 2019 i.e. 67 points. Once eligible, the applicants are ranked in an Express Entry Pool of Applicants and with weekly draws, the highest ranking profiles are selected for an ITA to apply for Canada PR Visa. Before you submit your profile for eligibility evaluation by IRCC, we suggest that you check your CRS score on our Point test Calculator for Canada and be aware of any shortfalls in your profile. We are just a click away to help you out. Get in Touch

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What is the Process for Canada Immigration for India in 2019?

The process of selection of candidates for Canada Permanent Residence status from India is based on two criteria, both of which can be assessed through Canada Point Test Calculator System

  • You need to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) managed by the Express Entry System 2019 and score a minimum of 67 points on the CRS. This score can be arrived at with the help of Point test Calculator for Canada.
  • Once eligible, your profile is added to the Express Entry Pool of candidates. If your CRS score meets the cut-off issued by IRCC at its fortnightly draws, you may be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada Permanent Residency Visa in 2019.

Frequently asked questions

Immigrating to Canada is not as difficult as people think. With the right knowledge, research, preparation, and consultation, it is possible to make the transition to a new life in Canada. We have numerous clients who have successfully immigrated to Canada on PR Visa through the step-by-step guidance of our Expert Immigration Consultants. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back - make the jump and start your new journey!

Yes, you can. There are many options that let you immigrate to Canada without a job offer such as express entry and provincial nominee program.

The major benefits you will receive after getting Permanent Resident (PR) status are as follows:

  • Free Healthcare
  • Free Education
  • Better job opportunities
  • Higher salaries
  • Social Security benefits and many more benefits
  • IRCC Registered:

    File representation done by the Registered IRCC Canada Immigration Lawyers to make your profile stronger.

  • Experienced Consultants:

    Guidance with knowledge & experience is the best combination that always brings the best results.

  • Profile Analysis:

    Our experienced Canada immigration consultants will guide you the right way based on your profile requirements.

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