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BC Occupation Demand list 2021

British Columbia Occupation Demand List 2021

Before you plan to change your province in Canada or look for immigration to a new place it is always best to cross-check if your occupation is in-demand in that region or not. If your occupation is in the British occupation demand list, then you will be able to get the true value of your skills and potential.

Along with the aesthetic aspect of natural scenery there are many other reasons that make British Columbia the most desirable destination to live, study, and work. With a high stand if living and a booming economy British Columbia is the best destination for immigration.  In this article, we will help you learn in detail the procedure and ways for British Columbia immigration.

Key Highlights-

  • What is British Columbia Nominee Program (BC PNP)?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for the Canada BC PNP?
  • The Skilled Workers Immigration in British Columbia
  • The Skilled Workers Immigration in British Columbia


If you are thinking of moving to British Columbia in Canada you are choosing is based on natural scenery, New job opportunities, and also the best education and healthcare for you and your family. British Columbia is the most preferred destination for a lot of skilled workers as there is a strong economy where there are opportunities available for high skilled workers with good education and work experience on their side. Also, the indigenous culture of the province where more 2,30,000 immigrants resided, and they speak over 30 languages provide a good cultural mix and a lot of cultural diversity.  The glacier filled lakes and beautiful beaches are an attraction that is coupled with high working and living standards. Thus, If you are planning to move to British Columbia, then you have made one of the best decisions of your life, and through this piece, we would like to help you on how to execute the process.


What is British Columbia Nominee Program (BC PNP)?

This is the provincial nomination for the province of British Columbia, through which the suitable candidates who meet the labor market demand and employment opportunities in the province are allowed to immigrate. Further, the sleeted candidates are also eligible for 600 bonus points in the express entry comprehensive ranking system score calculation as well. But, first, the selected candidates need to meet the eligibility requirement of the province.


What are the eligibility requirements for the Canada BC PNP?

There are two main ways of immigrating to British Columbia –

  •    Skill immigration

o    Health care professionals – Physicians, Nurses, etc.

o    International Graduate category – Completed graduation from a Canadian university in the past two year

o    International Postgraduate category –  For People who have a Master’s degree

o    Entry Level and semi-skilled worker – Tourism, Hospitality, etc.

o    Skills Immigration Registration System – launched in Jan 2016. It is an Expression of Interest(EOI) based system just like the express entry and provides points to the candidates for selection.

  •    Entrepreneur Immigration.


The eligibility requirements in both these categories are different. For the skill immigration, it is essential that the candidate has a Canadian job offer in a skilled occupation in NOC A, B, or O. This requires a lot of experience and skills from the aspirants while the entrepreneur immigration is meant for those who wish to invest in a business in British Columbia province.


Apart from these other eligibility requirements for British Columbia includes

  •    Basic language proficiency like a minimum score of 4.5 bands in IELTS
  •    Minimum qualification as per their occupational skills
  •    Intention to live and contribute to British Columbia
  •    In the case of the skilled worker category, a job letter from a Canadian employer is important


The Skilled Workers Immigration in British Columbia

British Columbia has a very good market for professionals.  Thus, it is highly recommended destination for relocation for the National Occupational Classification(NOC) skill type A and B. The scoring system of British Columbia was introduced in 2016, and the province selects the eligible candidates from the express entry linked stream and also they can apply through any of the streams of immigration directly as well.

Meeting the eligibility requirements of one of the prominent streams of the provinces is important for selection. The streams are –

  •    Skill Immigration – Express Entry
  •    Skilled worker category
  •    Healthcare professional category
  •    International graduate category
  •    International Postgraduate category
  •    Entry-level Semi-Skilled worker category
  •    Entrepreneur immigration
  •    Regional Pilot
  •    Strategic Projects category



The applicants selected are because of their ability to meet the eligibility requirement and National Occupational Classification(NOC) Skill type and professional expertise. For British Columbia, the candidate’s selection is placed with a lot of importance to the Offer letter from the British Columbia employer rather than on the Work experience of the applicant.  However, there is a certain stream like International Graduate and International post-graduate stream as well where the candidate doesn’t require a Job letter as well. Thus, BC PNP provides opportunities for a diverse set of aspirants.


British Columbia Occupations in demand List 2021 

The revised and the latest Occupation in-demand list of British Columbia is as follows –


Occupation NOC Code
Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager NOC 0621
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers NOC 0121
Restaurant and Food Service Managers NOC 0631
Construction Managers NOC 0711
Corporate Sales Manager NOC 0601
Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers NOC 0122
Financial Managers NOC 0111
Senior Managers- Financial, Communications & Other Business Services NOC 0013
Computer & Information Manages NOC 0213
Facility Operation & Maintenance Managers NOC 0714
Senior Managers- Trade, Broadcasting & Other NOC 0015
Human Resources Manager NOC 0112
Accommodation Service Manager NOC 0632
Managers in Social, Community & Correctional Services NOC 0423
Managers in Transportation NOC 0731
Engineering Managers NOC 0211
Administrator-post-secondary & vocational training NOC 0421
Financial Auditors & Accountants NOC 1111
Information Systems Analysts & Consultants NOC 2171
Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers NOC 2174
College & Other Vocational Instructors NOC 4021
University Professors & Lecturers NOC 4011
Other Financial Officers NOC 1114
Software Engineers & Designers NOC 2173
Civil Engineers NOC 2131
Mechanical Engineers NOC 2132
Authors & Writers NOC 5121
Social Workers NOC 4152
Architects NOC 2151
Psychologists NOC 4151


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