Effect of Canada Federal Elections on Canada PR Visa Process

October elections of new federal government in Canada will definitely bring in a lot of positive changes in the current immigration policies. All the three parties polling for the current elections are supporting immigration in their own way; however each party has their own approach of sustaining the trend of immigration for economic growth of the country.

Naming the three political parties, the governing Liberals, the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party (NDP), let us know them and their approaches individually.

The Governing Liberals Approach towards Immigration Policy

Governing Liberals thought is very much in contradiction with the ongoing current policies followed by USA and other European countries. Major amongst these policies was mounting immigration targets showing Canada more and more immigration admissions by the end of 2021. As suggested by their name, they have liberalized the migration policies to reduce the processing time and the medical inadmissibility rule, focusing on family reunification. Since the party came into powerthe aspiring immigrants have seen a dramatic increase in the number of ITA’s for Canada PR. ITAs, issued through the Express Entry system are increasing year by year from 33,782 in 2016 to 86,023 in 2017 and 89,800 in 2018.

They have established noteworthy alterations to the Comprehensive Ranking System determining applicants rank in the Express Entry Pool with a major change of reducing the points for arranged Employment.

Oppositions, however, contradicted them stating that the Liberals party has favored low-skilled, low-wage labour ignoring the candidates with greater earning potential who in future could have contributed more towards the economy of the country

Conservatives Approach towards Immigration Policy

Conservatives party’s approach towards the immigration policy majorly focuses on making the immigration system an impartial, methodical and empathetic policy accentuating both immigrants capability of earning and Canada’s labour market requirement.Michelle Rempel, Conservative immigration critic told reporters early this month that the conservatives government will directly link the number and skills of people seeking to enter Canada for Economic reasons to the needs of the Canadian Economy. This party has always stressed more on Economic immigration which resulted in introducing the Express Entry system in the year 2015 being the ruling party.


NDP is Canada third major political party giving maximum weightageto universal health care of all Canadians. Although NDP has never governed The Maple Country however, they can stillgrip the equilibrium of power in a minority government and thusadd to the whittling of immigration policy.

Although NDP hasn’t yet ensured or revealed their thought about the immigration policies, but the party’s opinionstresseskindness, promisingjobsand family reunification for immigrants.

Green Party

Green Party holds the minimum seat in Canadian Parliament,however,in the October elections they could endorse themselves as a surprise contestant. The policy followed by them is that they would like to set up “realistic criteria for immigrants based on existing job opportunities for immigrants to Canada” and take action to “eliminate the valuation of foreign credentials for immigration purposes.”They would also push skilled people to eliminate pointless blockades to be familiar with professional credentials and ensure professionals have licensing requirements for their professions.

 “It is refreshing to see all the major parties voicing favourable views on immigration, though we’ve yet to see some important details as to their policies and positions,” said David Cohen, senior partner with the Campbell, Cohen Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal.

“Eligible Candidates under the current system should apply asap in order to maximize their chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residence before changes occur.”

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