- Latest Express Entry Canada invites 4,200 immigration candidates

Latest Express Entry draw issues 4,200 invitations for Canada PR Visa

IRCC held its latest all-program express entry draw on September 2, inviting a total of 4,200 express entry candidates for Canada PR Visa. The minimum CRS score requirements were set at 475 points.

This latest round of invitations with 4,200 ITAs is the most invitations issued since 4,500 ITAs were issued prior to the coronavirus pandemic during Feb 19, 2020. The larger express entry draw is a sign for a strong indication that Canada remains committed to welcome high levels of immigration for 2020 and beyond.

Today’s draw was the 29th draw in 2020 and bring the total number of invitations issued this year to 69,950 ITAs a new record of this date. IRCC used their tie-break rule with time-stamp used set on September 2, 2020, at 14:17:32 UTC. This means the candidates who have entered their profile before the used time-stamp and had the CRS of 475 points or more, were issued ITAs in this round of invitations.

Factors that can affect the minimum CRS score requirements are as follows:

  • Size of the draw (Larger draws can produce a lower minimum CRS score).
  • The time between draws (Shorter periods between draws can help to lower the CRS score).

Reference is taken from CIC News

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