Canada Spouse Visa 2021| Dependent Visa Fees & Requirement

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Canada spouse visa 2021

How to Get Spouse or Children Visa for Canada?

There are Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have family members outside Canada. Now, with the help of a Dependent visa, you can get your close family relative to the country. The candidates above 18 are eligible to sponsor. Further, there are also some other core requirements for immigration.

If you are in a situation where your spouse or children have immigrated to Canada, and you are looking for your chances of immigration, then this article can help you immensely.

 Key highlights –

  • What is the dependent Visa for Canada?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for the Dependent Visa for Canada?
  • How to get a Dependent visa for Canada Permanent Residency?

Canada offers good opportunities to candidates who immigrate to the country, and it pays huge importance to families staying together and the benefits that they received. Thus, the permanent residency option will offer free healthcare and free education to all the members of the family and not just for the primary candidate. Further, there have been provisions and stream available through which the spouse of the primary candidate or the children can easily relocate to Canada and unite together. It is a country that lays strong emphasis on family ties, solidarity, and unity, and this unison aspect is one of the best cultural factors of the country.

Thus, if you are living in Canada, then you need not worry about leaving your family behind. You can easily unite with your family and avail of all the necessary benefits.

The primary candidate should prove that he/she is competent to meet all the basic needs and requirements of the family members. He should have enough budget to meet the requirements of Food, clothing, and shelter. The Canadian government would not want the new immigrants to become a burden for the government, and their basic needs should be provided for by the country. Thus, the primary candidate who is planning to help the family members immigrate should be capable enough to manage their basic needs on his own.


What is The dependent Visa for Canada?

The dependent visa for the Canada family scheme provides the option to Canadian citizens or the permanent residency holders who are 18 or above 18 years of age with the right to sponsor their dependent children, parent, grandparents, spouse/ Common-law partner / conjugal partners to Canada. One of the most pertinent factors related to this immigration is proof of funds. The sponsoring candidate should show the documents that elaborate on his financial status in the last 12 months. This proof needs to be provided to the IRCC. It is like a validation that the candidates are capable of sponsoring.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Dependent Visa for Canada?

The members of the family are eligible for immigration to Canada under the dependent visa only if they meet the eligibility requirements. Once the preliminary requirements are met, you can start the process of application and documentation under the guidance of an immigration consultant.

The core requirements for the dependent visa of Canada are as follows:

  • The dependent children should be under 22 years of age. Earlier, this age requirement was 19 years, which has been recently updated in 2018 to a minimum of 22 years. The children should not have any spouse/ common-law partner or conjugal partners.
  • To be eligible for the Canadian depend visa, the dependent child should be a biological child or the legally adopted child of the candidate
  • For the dependent visa, the child should be financially dependent on the parent
  • The child is unable to support himself due to any physical condition or mental disability. In this case, a child that is over 22 years of age can also be considered for immigration under the dependent visa.
  • Providing proof of your relationship with the dependent child is a mandatory requirement
  • No matter it is a child in question before immigration even the dependent child will have to go a medical condition check-up and also the police verification procedure. If diagnosed with a contagious condition, then the child can be prohibited from immigration to Canada as well.
  • The medical examination can be undertaken under the supervision of a physician who is approved by the Canadian government.

The dependent Visa for Canada that can be sponsored includes –

  • A child that you had adopted outside Canada while you were a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident in Canada
  • A child that you intend to adopt in Canada
  • If you have a nephew/ niece, brother or sister who is an orphan under 18 years and they don’t have any spouse/ common- law partner or conjugal partner
  • Any individual who has a family relationship with you but doesn’t have any spouse/ common-law partner/ conjugal partner or son, mother, daughter, father, brother, or sister.
  • Your spouse / common-law partner or conjugal partner
  • Your parents or grandparents


How to get a Dependent visa for Canada Permanent Residency?

The process of getting the Dependent visa for Canada Permanent Residency is quite simple when done under proper guidance from a reliable immigration consultancy. The incorrect processing of the application can also result in rejection; thus, it is always best to undertake the process under the guidance of a reliable and trusted immigration consultancy only.


There are two stages involved in the process –

  • Stage 1 –  Apply for sponsorship of Children, Parents or grandparents or spouse/ common-law partner/ conjugal partner. The application will be processed under the Case Processing Centre (CPC) of Canada
  • Stage 2 – After the sponsorship is approved, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must apply for Permanent Residency (PR) of Canada.


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