IELTS Score Required For Canada PR 2023 | Check Minimum IELTS Band

IELTS Scores For Canada PR

What is minimum IELTS Score Required for Canada Immigration 2023?

Minimum IELTS Score required for Canada PR Visa through Express entry program is 6 BAND each. What is IELTS passing score for Canada? If a candidate is able to score 6 per band in IELTS than they can submit their profile in the express pool as well as PNP. As many PNP has IIELTS requirement of less than 6 bands as well. However we always advice our Candidates to get 8,7,7,7 score To increase the chances of getting an ITA, because getting 8,7,7,7 score in IELTS increases the total CRS score.

In this article, we will be discussing IELTS for Canada immigration and all the basic details about IELTS examination for Canada PR Visa through the following topics:



IELTS Test Component Duration Brief Description
Listening 30 minutes 4 sections, 40 items
Reading 60 minutes 3 sections, 40 items
Writing 60 minutes 3 tasks
Speaking 11-14 minutes 3 part one-on-one conversation

IELTS Score required for Canada PR

IELTS Canada PR Basic Basic+ Okay Good Better Best
Listening 4.5-5 5.5 6-7 7.5 8 8.5-9
Reading 3.5-4 5 6 6.5 7 8-9
Writing 4-5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5-9
Speaking 4-5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5-9

Question : What is the minimum IELTS band required for Canada PR Visa in 2023?

If you are applying for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry Program, for you to be eligible to create your express entry profile, the candidate must have a minimum of 6 per band in IELTS that translates to CLB level 7. There are also other immigration programs that can allow you to apply for Canada PR Visa with a low IELTS score.

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Minimum IELTS score 6 per band is required to be eligible to apply for Canada PR Visa through Express entry program. Once you have submitted your express profile in express pool, with your CRS score, you can get the ITA that allows you to submit your application for Canada PR Visa to IRCC. In case you have low IELTS score, you can still apply for Canada PR Visa through Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). Other option for you can be to improve your IELTS score.

Canada has two official languages – English and French. This means that any skilled immigrants who want to move to Canada, they have to prove language proficiency in either of the two languages or both. To show proficiency in English language candidates is required to take language examinations that are recognized by the federal government of Canada.

Following are language examination to prove proficiency in the English language:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)

For French language, following are the recognized examination to prove proficiency:

  • TEF Canada ( Test d’evaluation de francais)
  • TCF Canada (Test de connaissance du francais)

IELTS Overview

Canada has two official languages – English and French. This means that any skilled immigrants who want to move to Canada, they have to prove language proficiency in either of the two languages or both. To show proficiency in English language candidates is required to take language examinations that are recognized by the federal government of Canada.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the world’s most popular high stakes English language tests. It measures the proficiency of people who want to study or work. It uses a nine-band scale to measure the proficiency of the candidate from non-user (score 1) through to expert (score 9).

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Mainly there are two types of IETLS Test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training

  • IELTS Academic – This test is for candidates applying for higher education in English speaking country
  • IELTS General Training – This test is for candidates who are going to English speaking country for work experience or training programs. It is mandatory for immigrating to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK

Candidates are tested in four abilities: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Listening, Reading and Writing sections all can be completed on the same day, while listening can be completed before or after one week from the other tests.

Following are the details of how the tests under different abilities are conducted:

Listening: Under this section candidate will listen to four recordings of native English language and will be asked questions related to the recordings (Duration: 30 minutes)

  • Recording 1: Conversation between two people set in an everyday social context
  • Recording 2: Monologue set in an everyday social context, e.g. a speech about local facilities
  • Recording 3: Conversation b/w up to four people set in an educational or training context
  • Recording 4: A monologue on an academic subject, e.g. a university lecture

Reading: This section consists of 40 questions. These questions include reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, understanding logical argument and recognizing writer’s opinions, attitudes, and purpose (Duration: 60 minutes)

Writing: There are two tasks under this section. (Duration: 60 minutes)

Speaking: This section consists of an oral interview b/w test-takers and an examiner. (Duration: 11-14 minutes)

IELTS is conducted in two ways: Paper-based IELTS and Computer-delivered IELTS. Candidate can choose either of the two ways they want to give the examination.

IELTS Band for Canada PR Visa 2023

The best IELTS score required for Canada PR is 10 band to get 32 to 34 CRS points. The ideal IELTS score required for Canada PR is 6 band which makes you eligible for PNPs.

Taking IELTS is mandatory for immigrants who want to move to Canada. One of the best ways to move to Canada is through Canada PR Visa. To familiarize the test scores under different language tests, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has a system known as the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

Following is the table that illustrates how to translate your IELTS score to CLB levels:

CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
10 8 7.5 8.5 7.5
9 7 7 8 7
8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
7 6 6 6 6
6 5 5.5 5.5 5.5
5 4 5 5 5
4 3.5 4 4.5 4

One of the fastest ways to apply for Canada PR Visa is through the Express Entry program. It implements a ranking system that awards points based on factors like age, work experience, language proficiency, etc.

Following tables demonstrate how points are awarded under the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) system for IELTS examinations:

For the first official language

CLB Level Speaking Listening Reading Writing Points per Ability
7 6.0 6.0-7.0 6.0 6.0 4
8 6.5 7.5 6.5 6.5 5
9 7.0 8.0 7.0 7.0 6
10 and above 7.5-9.0 8.5-9.0 8.0-9.0 7.5-9.0 6

For second official language

CLB Level Speaking Listening Reading Writing Points
5 and above 5.0-9.0 5.0-9.0 4.0-9.0 5.0-9.0 4

Canada Express Entry IELTS Score

To be eligible for Canada’s Express Entry program for Canada PR Visa, candidates are required to have a minimum of an IELTS score of 6 per band or CLB level 7. Once an immigrant is able to score an IELTS score of 6 per band then they are able to create an express profile and submit it into the express pool.


Question : Does my spouse also have to take IELTS for Canada immigration?

Answer : If applying through the Express Entry program, it is not mandatory for your spouse to take IELTS. But, it is advised to take IELTS as it awards extra points under CRS for spouse’s IELTS score. This is only applicable if you’re moving to Canada with your spouse/common-law partner and applying as a secondary applicant.

IELTS Fees For Canada PR

Irrespective of the type of exam you take (Paper-based or Computer-based), fees for taking an IELTS examination is INR 14,000.

Both types of the exam can be taken in any one of the British Council official test centers.

Canada PR Visa without IELTS

As discussed above, in order to move to Canada giving an IELTS examination is mandatory. But unlike the express entry program, there is also some other immigration program that allows the candidate to apply for a Canada PR visa with a low IELTS score.

Every province in Canada (except Quebec) has an immigration program that always allows them to nominate skilled immigrants for permanent residence in respective province, these immigration programs are known as Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs).

These PNPs have their own requirements that are based on the demands of the local labour market. Some of the PNPs have low requirements for the IELTS score. Some of the PNPs are as follows:

AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program) also has a low IELTS score requirement. Candidate applying for Canada PR Visa through AIPP, are required to get minimum CLB level 4 that translates to IELTS score of 4.5, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.0 in Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking respectively.

Question : What is the difference between CLB and IELTS for Canada Immigration?

Answer : Both IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) measures the proficiency of the candidate in the English language for Canada Immigration. IELTS is a language test while CLB is a national standard. You can easily translate your IELTS band into CLB level like IELTS score of 6 per band equals to CLB level 7.

Tips & Tricks for IELTS Examination

Following are some of the examinations tips for IELTS to prepare and help in getting the required bands for Canada Immigration:

  • Listening: the Very first thing you have to check is whether the headphones are working properly if not, you can ask them to resolve the issue. Listen to the recordings very attentively, as the recordings are played only once. Also, try using capital letters for the answers
  • Reading: In case you are not able to understand the questions do not waste your time on the question. Understand questions carefully and must focus on finding answers to from the passage
  • Writing: For task 1, try answering in 150 words and for task 2, answer in 250 words. Write all the precise and relevant answers. Answer in active voice only and avoid answering in long paragraphs.
  • Speaking: Speak slow and fluently. Must be confident when answering the question. Avoid taking long pauses. Sentence structure equally and focus on vocabulary and range of tenses.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • what is the minimum IELTS score required for Canada Immigration 2023?

6 BAND, It is mandatory to take IELTS for Canada Immigration. Canada has a population that is majorly English speaking. In order for immigrants to easily adapt to daily life in Canada, they are required to be proficient in the English language. To prove their proficiency in English candidates have to take the IELTS examination.

  • How many bands are required for Canada PR?

Both IELTS and PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) are English language examinations to check the general ability of candidates in English language. But in order to apply for Canada PR Visa, candidate must take the examination that is recognized by the Canadian government. IELTS is the examination that is recognized by the IRCC not PTE.

  • What is the best IELTS score for Canada PR?

It is not compulsory for the spouse to take the IELTS examination as long as you are the principal applicant for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry Program. But, you can get extra CRS points if your spouse has taken the IELTS.

  • Is 5.5 bands eligible for Canada?

IELTS score of 5.5 per band is the minimum requirement under language proficiency to be eligible under the Express Entry program. But, it does not guarantee the candidate to get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) to apply for Canada PR Visa, for that candidate has to improve their CRS score.


  • Narayan prasad Dhital

    Interested to apply for canada PR

  • Hello,
    I have a live in caregiver (Ontario, Canada) who’s contract expires Nov 1/20. She is ready to apply for her permanent residency. Her scores on the IELTS are as follows:
    Reading 3.5
    Writing 4.5
    Speaking 5.5
    Listening 5
    Does she need to pass each test or is it an overal score that immigration Canada requires?
    Thank you for your help,

  • Iam professional practicing nurse with more than 3yrs experience here in my country Nigeria west Africa..I am about booking and writing my ielts next month,my dream is to work and leave in Canada.

  • I have done IELTS BUT i got ,
    speaking 7.0
    listening 5.5
    reading 6.0
    writting 7.0
    if i apply using those scores will my application be successful? please let me kno

  • Good

  • Twice I tried ielts,but I couldn’t achieve 6each band.
    1st chance
    L 6
    R 5.5

    2nd chance
    W 6.5
    S 6.5

    Am I eligible for canada immigration?

  • I have done ilets in academic and I get 5 band .so what is procedure.

  • please I have band 6.0 academics, can you help me acquire a scholarship?

  • I had speaking 6
    Listening 6
    Reading 6.5
    Writing 5.0
    Ovarall 6.0
    Can I use it for parmanent resident in canada

    • If you have 5.0 band in writing ✍🏼, you just lie back & wait. You don’t need to go anywhere. Express entry department will come to you by themselves. ਢੁੱਚ

  • I want apply for pr, pls call

  • Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really
    useful it helped me out much.

  • How much minimum ielts score required for canada pr

  • Amazing information

  • Hello I got
    S-6. 0
    L-6. 0
    W-5. 5
    R-5. 0
    Can i apply for PR

  • Adegoroye Christianah Omolade

    Does LET acceptable in canada?
    I have done Let exam and had the following scores
    Reading 6
    Listening 5.5
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 7

  • Rajpal Singh Ranghar

    hello i have done my ielts for canada
    i got
    S- 5.5
    L- 4.5
    W- 4
    R- 3.5

    OVER ALL 4.5

  • Can i apply for PNP in Canada. I have done IELTS exam and this is my result.

  • I got L-6,R-7.5,S-6.5 and W-6 I know I am not eligible for express entry but if through PNP where can I apply. I IQAS certificate and accept as a MASTER degree and work experience of 2Years.

  • Anurodh Job Greene

    I have scored L-6, R-7, W-6, and S-7 in IELTS & have more than 7+years of work experience. My ECA has also been done. My CRS is 364. I also submitted the Express Entry profile, after reviewing it from their end. I was not eligible. Can u help?

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